Mayor Milo Minderbinder (m__minderbinder) wrote,
Mayor Milo Minderbinder


The Letter

I wrote a letter today
That I never will send.

Let the ink pour out like blood,
The stains forming
Alien words, black against white
Seeming to come from
Someone else
Somewhere else
Saying something else

Page after page,
After page
After page after
Flutter to the floor around my
Dying leaves with veins
Of pain and struggle

And trying to untangle
My heartstrings, left balled
In a knot in the corner
For years, ignored and

I didn’t need a heart.

I had a mind instead,
My shrewd foolish calculations
Filling the void that I had
Made myself,
Forcing myself to
Believe that

I didn’t need a heart.

I didn’t need it, for I did not
Have it anymore.
I gave it you one rainy night,
Slipped it into your
Coat pocket while you wrote
One of
My stories and I
Watched you from across
The room, through a veil of
Pipe smoke and shadow.

I gave it to you, but never told you.

I never wanted you to know
That I could fall in love

Not with you.

I was afraid of losing
Afraid of being pushed away

By your morals,
Your damned Victorian sensibility,
Because you were not “that way” . . .

Or because you simply
Do not love me
In return.

So pages upon pages litter
The floor
Like snow
As I write a letter I
Will not send

That I will not let
Shatter your life,
Your wife,
Our friendship

And I write strange, fumbling
Alien words
Trying to say the three words
That have died on my lips
A thousand times . . .

I love you.

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